Saturday, 3 May 2014

It Begins

So, it begins. A descent into madness. Or rather, blogging. Which is just as bad. So what is this blog going to contain? No fucking idea, probably game related stuff, bitching about things that fall under the purview of The Evil Daystar, that sort of thing.

Oh, I guess you might want to know who's writing this. Well, let's begin simply.

No, not the hot tall guy on the right. The other one holding the screwdriver. That's little ol' me, a slightly crazed welshman who loves geeky stuff. As if the glasses weren't a dead giveaway. So what else can I say about me? I'm in my early 30s right now, between jobs, I like to do creative stuff, long walks when the weather isn't terrible, and that last bit is kinda rare these days, because I live in the arse end of Pembrokeshire. A scenic little place called Fishguard. Once a year at New Year, there is a street party, and that's cool, but for the rest of the year, unless you really like Folk and Jazz, Fishguard ain't so hot.

Isn't it lucky I'm not too picky about music?

To be fair, Fishguard does have some cool people. But it's also cliquey as fuck, so for someone who's already not much of a joiner (hi!) it's not so grand. But whatever, I get to sing during the day with nobody bitching, I get to carry on with my studies (planning to be an english teacher, a game designer, or a well known games journalist... One of those has been on hold for a short while for health reasons), creative dabblings, and my Let's Plays.

So, if you like unfocused ramblings, you've come to the right place. :P

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